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John Dobson-Westchester X-C Team 1965

Crusaders - 2014 Season
Posted Tuesday, January 28, 2014 by John Dobson


The Westchester Track and Field Coaches and Officials Association

(Reconstructed From Original 1965 Program)





The Annual Cross Country Banquet, Thursday, November 18, 1965 at Edgemont High School, Scarsdale, NY




A vote of thanks to Mr. Ken Hobbs for arranging and to the Edgemont High School cafeteria staff for preparing our annual Cross Country banquet.






Welcome-Joseph Vorbach, President, Coaches and Officials


Introduction of Guest Speaker-Joseph Albanese, Yale Alumnus

Guest Speaker-James Terril, Yale, Assistant Tract and Cross Country Coach

Introduction of the 1965 All County Cross Country Teams

Presentation of Westchester Awards-Heliodoro Rico

Presentation of teams-J.R. Vorbach




All County Cross Country Teams:

First Team:

Pottetti, Dave                                        Fox Lane                                         Junior

McQuade, Terry                                    Yorktown                                       Senior

Donnelly, Mickey                                  Valhalla                                          Senior

Roscoe, Calvin                                       Ossining                                         Senior

Young, Amos                                          Ossining                                         Sophomore

Jordan, Raymond                                   White Plains                                 Senior

Bingham, Mark                                       Fox Lane                                        Junior

Second Team:

   Hughes, Dave                                       New Rochelle                                Junior

Hadley, Leonard                                     White Plains                                   Senior

Sidney, Steve                                           Valhalla                                          Junior

Shanley, Robert                                       Sacred Heart                                 Junior

Getz, Steve                                                Irvington                                       Senior

Ward, Dan                                                 Ossining                                        Junior

Thomson, Scott                                           Fox Lane                                       Junior

Third Team:

Fitzgerald, Jerry                                        Ossining                                         Sophomore

Dobson, John                                             Stepinac                                          Junior

Jordon, Kevin                                             St. Mary’s                                       Sophomore

Wolitarsky, Robert                                    Sleepy Hollow                                Senior

Pascale, Ronald                                         Harrison                                          Junior

McGrath, John                                           Sacred Heart                                  Senior

 Ingegneri, Jim                                            Fox Lane                                         Sophomore

O’Connor, Tom                                           Yorktown                                        Senior

Phillips, Ian                                                  White Plains                                   Junior










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